3 Comedy Telugu Movies of 2023 So Far

3 Comedy Telugu Movies of 2023 So Far

The Telugu movie industry has released various comedy movies over the years, and each one is more entertaining than the other. People love watching Telugu movies (the majority of people love watching comedy movies), and there are plenty of Telugu movies that you can choose to watch. Movies such as DJ Tillu, Sehari, and First Day First Show are some of the top Telugu movies.

People love watching comedy movies as they can be a huge stress reliever for people. In this specific guide, you will learn more about the top Telugu movies that you can watch on top OTT sites such as Aha.

3 Top Telugu Comedy Movies

The top three Telugu comedy movies that you can choose to watch are as follows:

  • DJ Tillu

This is one of the latest fun comedy/thriller movies starring SiddhuJonnalagadda in the lead role. The director of this Telugu movie is Vimal Krishna, and the cast includes SiddhuJonnalagadda, NehaShetty, Prince Cecil, Brahmaji and many more in lead roles. This is one of the best Telugu movies to watch on top OTT sites like aha.

This is a good movie featuring SiddhuJonnalagadda and Neha Shetty as the hero and heroine. The best thing about this movie is how well the plot is written, and Sidhu’s energy lights up the entire movie and makes it worth watching. This is one of the best comedy Telugu movies you can watch with friends and family.

  • Sehari

This is another Telugu comedy movie that you can watch on top OTT sites such as aha. The director of this movie is Gnana Sagar Dwarka, and the cast includes Harsh Kanumilli, SimranChoudhary, Koti, AbhinavGonatam, Praneeth Reddy, Akshataa, SnehaVilidindi and many more.

But Varun slowly starts to love Amulya and looks to call off the marriage; watch the movie to learn what happens next. This is one of the top Telugu comedy movies you can watch, and the story is spicy and can provide you with laughs, and there are also serious scenes in this movie. The cast members have portrayed their roles in the best way possible, ensuring that there is no room for error.

  • First Day First Show

This is one of the latest and best comedy Telugu moviesthat you can watch. The directors of this movie are VamshidharGoud and LakshminarayanaPuttamchetty (both of them have directed this movie). The cast includes Srikanth Reddy, SanchitaBasu, Vennela Kishore, TanikellaBharani, Srinivasa Reddy and many more.

This is a Telugu movie set in 2001 and revolves around Srinivas, a college student who is a huge fan of superstar Pawan Kalyan. He falls in love with his college friend, Laya, who is also a big fan of Pawan Kalyan. It is seen that the famous actor’s Kushi film is about to release, and Srinivas tries hard to get movie tickets for himself and his girlfriend. Watch this movie to know if Srinivas is able to get the movie tickets.

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